A facility accessible seven days a week
enables the South Campus congregation to
flourish in church life like the other campuses. 

orange floor plans2.jpg

Lakeville is one of the fastest-growing local suburbs west of the Mississippi, and God has already given us land on which to build. 

Church life at Bethlehem involves a multitude of endeavors that require a welcoming and accessible facility for ministry and outreach throughout the week. Members at the South Campus have been without such a building for a decade. 

A facility of our own will permit us to assemble and worship free from limitations on public or privately owned property. 

In an amazing movement of God’s grace in 2012, Bethlehem acquired a 12.1 acre parcel of land in Lakeville, highly visible from I-35. No other bidders appeared at the auction, and the church was able to purchase the site for one-third the cost that Walmart paid for similar land directly across the highway. 

Plans have been drawn for a permanent structure to serve communities south of the Minnesota River seven days a week with a 650-seat main floor sanctuary, Sunday school classrooms for children, youth, and adults, and eventual "phase two" balcony seating for 300, multi-purpose areas (including a gymnasium), and a kitchen.